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The sacred Love.


Dated : the most beautiful Day.
A glimpse of her comparison☺
And she’s the moon surrounded by stars,
Whose constant illumination are like fighting wars.
And im an earthly kid,in love with that moon,
Though it may appear impossible, but she will be all mine later or soon.
Ur hidings are the wall where I bump my head each day,
Guessing what ur heart actually wanna say.
Someday my blood would surely dissolve the wall’s bricks,
For eternity,to let ur name in mine fix.
You are that ink to a writer’s pen,
To make his writings ideal for reader’s in lane.
You are the soothing sound of a musician’s note,
To let a person’s,heart over head,win vote.
You are Like the first showers of rain on a draughted ground,
The love of mud for those drops merrily bound.
In u,the lost magic of my life,I found,
When my mind with…

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Mohabbat-ik-tarfa hai khuda ka wo dastoor,
Na mera isme kasoor jo chadha uska fitoor.
Akele hi raaste napwaata hai ye kambakht,
Uske sapne saja chaen churata be waqt.
Mohabbat me uske ab ye tanhai bhi manzoor,
Na mera isme kasoor, rahta bas uska hi suroor.

Mohabbat-ik-tarfa Ko maanlia apna hamsafar,
Aarzoo me teri, palko se aansu shuru krte apna Safar.
Fir na Ruk paate aur bahte rahte din raat,
Bahte bahte sookh jaate yaad krke tumhari har baat.
Mohabbat meri fir bhi na hui kam magar,
Aarzoo me teri, naapi teri galiyan tera nagar.

Mohabbat-ik-tarfa ban gayi meri zindagãni,
Khud se hi krne laga tere liye beimaani.
Khubsurati kya hai, dekh tujhe maine pahchãna,
Khudkhushi kya hai, mohabbat me teri ye jãna.
Mohabbat meri aisi ki na chali meri manmaani,
Khud se hi chhin gayi har naadani jaani anjaani.

Mohabbat-ik-tarfa hai mera ek junoon,
Kabhi mere Dil ka chaen, kabhi meri rooh ka Sukoon.
Hai yakeen bhi mujhe, wo smjhegi is pyaar Ko kabhi,
Aur ayegi banke bahar, mitãne mere aansu aur gum sabhi.
Mohabbat meri hai uski ibaadat na koi fariyaad,
Kabhi mere jeevan ki buniyaad, kabhi mere saanson ki muraad.

My glass paintings

Well here are few of the glass paintings that I made some time back. Probably a long time back 😝😝🙈

It was unfortunate though 😞, coz one of them got shattered into pieces. And another one got newspaper stuck to it ! 😭🙈🙈🙈

Well anyway, I am sharing them here. I wonder if they are good enough 🙈 Please do share your feedback! 😋😋