To my diary: Stone-walled synopsis

Each year has some milestone events in everyone’s lives, which we cherish a lot. Stepping into the stone-walled campus of IIM Bangalore was the most significant milestone for me. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

IIM Bangalore has one of the most beautiful campuses in India, with greenery all around. It was designed by the celebrated architect B V Doshi, who received the 2018 Pritzker Prize.

The temperature here is perfect throughout the year, and the city of Bangalore adds to its sheen. IIM Bangalore is one of the most inclusive campuses with almost all parts of the campus being easily accessible to everyone. The beauty of the campus is mesmerizing, and one will easily fall in love with it.

My life at IIM Bangalore has been like a memorable fast-paced roller coaster ride. I literally did everything in my first month of IIMB; every single thing that I had done before joining IIMB, i.e., my entire life activities. There were near-instantaneous times of marvelous epiphanies that whatever I had done so far was so little, yet so significant. IIM Bangalore makes you realize the importance of your life and provides you with enormous opportunities to gain new skills every day. Living in hostels again, having amazing friends and seniors, excellent facilities, supportive professors, thrilling events, fests and celebrations, L square parties, project night outs, networking and bonding, experiences with startups, VCs, entrepreneurs, summer placements and some more parties (πŸ˜›) are some of the mind-blowing memories in this short journey of 7 months. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the education and the study hours too.

Life is all about choices. At IIMB, you are free to make your own choices. You even get to chose subjects of your preference from the third term itself, which is something unique to IIM Bangalore. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That’s what IIMB will teach you. There will be times when it will get insanely hard, and you might start doubting yourself. When going gets tough, the tough gets going. So never have a scintilla of doubt in your heart, ever! The support system of friends and seniors at IIMB will always be there for you. Hence, you will never be alone and IIMB will be like a family away from home.

There is so much to explore – from the shards of stars to the secrets of the seabeds. One can either dream about it or wake up and do something about it. So, Let’s do it. The Time is Now!

My first day at IIM Bangalore

Sweeping us into ecstacy,
This day finally dawned.
Finding ourselves engulfed,
In the seventh heaven and beyond.

May be a little lost,
Like an early morning frost.
But not so fragile we stand,
Rushed by memories of journey that spanned.

The wall’s exhilaration couldn’t even subside,
The green campus got our eyes open wide.
Mother nature adorning the Pritzker’s design,
Pleasure to the eyes and soul, manifestation of divine.

The names finally got their faces,
The many Hi-Hellos at all the places.
The euphoria never seems to cease,
With a delightful climate and pleasant breeze.

This place is undoubtedly the place to be,
A home sweet home and a family to be.
Day must give way to the night, but not today,
For it’s a dawn that shall never fail, we pray.

PS: Pictures have been clicked by various students of IIM Bangalore. You can check the Insta page of iimbangalore for more such pics. 🀘🀘

Desire – 500 followers!πŸ˜‹

Innocents stay muted,
Their honour amputed.

We stay low,
While the bombs around us blow.

The takers never become the givers,
That’s how inequality prolifers.

The shy is considered to be weak,
But the light never fails to spread through a creak.

It’s a conjecture of those fools,
Who use emotions as their tools.

None can control the tides of time,
Weakness can be moulded into strength sublime.

Thus rise for it’s not the horizon you desire,
But the limitless sky that awaits your fire.

Thank you so much guys for showering all the love and care! ❀️❀️ I am blessed to have such amazing readers and writers!

Hope to carry forward this zeal! Thank you again πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

My IIM Bangalore Experience

I would like to share my IIM Bangalore interview experience with a hope that it might help the aspirants seeking to get admission in this prestigious college.

I had put in a lot of hard work and time to get good percentile in CAT (Common Aptitude Test) and it was never easy. I started preparing for Cat in September and had put 10+ hours daily practicing every single day as I had just 2 months for the D-Day.

My profile:-

X – 93.2%

XII – 90.4%

BTech ECE (NIT Allahabad) – 9.31 pointer

Work ex – 27 months

IIM B Interview date – 17th March 2018

Venue – New Delhi

WAT Topic: Digital tech, AI, machine learning can help eradicate farmer’s distress.

Summary of what I wrote: Started with industrial revolution 4 and current farmer’s distress in India. Wrote about GDP contribution of agriculture and population. Upskill is required and movement to other sectors is of prime importance. Improving productivity. These technologies can help in direct linking of the retail markets with farmers, linking with processing industries. AI can help in balancing supply and demand and in scheduling which crop to be sowed and how much, so that there is a fine balance between the supply and the demand of the disparate crops. Tech can help in proper irrigation etc. But educating farmers and upskilling them is the most crucial step.

My IIM Bangalore interview:

My interview panel had 3 interviewers. One of them asked me to put all my documents aside as I won’t be requiring them. So I kept it on the side table.

P1: So Parth you are in Airtel, nice..
Me: Sir actually I left Airtel.

All Ps in cohesion: why? Woo!!! What what!?

I was taken aback by this consonance.πŸ˜…

Me: I wanted to learn about business. While working in Airtel I realised that irrespective of any vertical, all work for customer satisfaction. Thus I wanted to develop a holistic vision and for that doing an MBA was important.

P1 cutting me off: You left to prepare for Cat right!?
Me: well yes it was one of the reasons.

P2: you know what impression you are making, that you can’t multitask.
Me: (started feeling nervous, but I held onto my nerves) Well sir, CAT is not an ordinary exam. To do justice to it and to secure a good percentile I realised that it was essential for me to contribute my full time to it. I was giving it more than 10 hours daily. It wouldn’t have been possible to do it along with a job that demanded 12+ hours of work. And I felt it wasn’t ethical for me to scrimshank my job responsibilities.

P2: I am highly unethical. It doesn’t matter to me. You are still not able to justify that why u left. P1: yeah, we are not convinced. Wasn’t it a risk that you left a high paid job for it?
Me: (started again) Certainly sir, it was a risk that was worth it and that is the reason I am sitting in front of you all for this esteemed interview.

P1: What if you would have got a higher percentile while working!!

Me: Sir, it was a part of the risk. I couldn’t have known it but I was sure that if I put my all to the preparation, I will be able to achieve it and thankfully I did.

P2: you remember my first question that what impression you are making!? It shows you can’t run multiple projects in a corporate.

Me: Well sir, I have run a lot of projects throughout my 27 months of work experience and I have been awarded as well.

P2: you scored 9.31 in UG. Was there only 1 subject that you studied? How many subject were there per semester?
Me: Sir 6 subjects.

P3: Right.. See, you can manage 6 subjects then why not job and cat preparation!?
Me: (By this time I was really nervous, I felt it wasn’t going right 😣). Yes sir, I did it in my graduation. But this time it was about setting priorities and working to achieve the set target. And for me this was my priority and I didn’t want to take it for granted.

P1: Tell me about your job role.
Me: My role was to improve the 3G and 4G network experience of the customer. I was able to improve the throughput of 4G network by 33% for which I was awarded by the CEO.

P1: what is the global 4g throughput average?
Me: 20 Mbps

P1: Then, how much did u achieve?
Me: Well sir, in 4G we have TDD and FDD. In FDD it was 10+ Mbps and in TDD, more than 30+Mbps. Thus effectively more than 20 Mbps.

P1: what was the team size?
Me: Airtel works on outsourcing model. Airtel team had 3 members and Ericsson had 10.

P1: So what was your role in improving throughput?
Me: Sir I studied about equipments and features in depth, analysed drive results and was able to suggest and implement features that improved the throughput.

P1: This should have been done by Ericsson right? Why you?
Me: Well sir, when I joined Airtel, 4G was the new technology and not many people had experience. I used it as an opportunity and did my best to understand it and read about the equipment and this helped a lot in achieving the result.

P1: can u give one example
Me: I gave an example of one of the features that were implemented.(was technical so no further questions)

P1: what are your interests? What do u do these days.
Me: (Felling happy and relaxed😝) Sir I write poems in english and hindi and I have a blog on WordPress where I share them.

P1: what is the id?
Me: told

(He checked it on his laptop)

P2: which languages did you say you write in?
Me: sir, english and hindi. I have brought my poems with me too, in case you would like me to recite it to you.

P1: yeah sure
Me: sir which language would you like me to recite in.

P1-P3: any, just make it fast.
Me: in hurry, I recited them a short hindi poem.

P2: Was it Spanish, I couldn’t even understand a word.

(I was like wtf!! Apparently, he didn’t know hindi which he said later.)

P3: It was marvelous, loved it..
Me: with my eyes on P2, Sir would you like me to recite something in english. You would like it.

P2,P3 : no thank you. It’s done. Do you have any question?
Me: Yes sir.

P2: Make it quick.
Me: I inquired how to be a part of the placement cell.

P1 was going to answer but P2 interrupted and said it is a student activity and the students do it.
Me: Ok sir, thank you.

P1: Thank you, all the best!
Me: Thank you sir.

I felt really weird. But I had to leave as it was over. One thing I realised from this experience is that we should never try to judge if the interview went good or bad. And we should not let it affect the imminent interviews.

  • As long as you are convinced, you can make everyone convince.
  • There is nothing secondary to hard work.
  • So start the hard work guys and with sheer consistency you will achieve what you want!
  • Believe in what you do !!!

Status: Converted

I really thank God for it was not possible without his grace and blessings. Thank you God.

My Pinecones

I went to Manali last year with family, to celebrate my parents’ 25th marriage anniversary. πŸ€—πŸ’•

The place was like heaven ( Even though I haven’t been to heaven yet 🀭, but i believe it could be something like Manali).
And what I brought back were some lovely pinecones which were lying lonely on the roads, parks and pavements. πŸ™ˆπŸ₯‚

They looked like this:

(One of those many pinecones that we collectedπŸ€—)

While this natural colour is magnificent in itself, I felt I needed to try my (long time no see) creativity skills on these pretty pinecones 😈😈.. giving a modicum of make up if you may say πŸ˜›πŸ™ˆ

And the result was quite satisfactory!!πŸ˜»πŸ˜‡

πŸ‘† What do you say friends??
Would love to hear your opinion, please do share if you liked them πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

Have Faith

Just look into my eyes and behold,
For there lies a world of magic untold.
Through my eyes I shall take you there,
To a different world of only love and care.
No skies, no moons, no stars, no galaxies,
Just you and me in a world of fantasies!

Have faith in me and I will take you to a world unseen!

Thank you for showing your tremendous support!! Getting 100+ frends is an achievement and an incredible milestone of this sweet journey. I hope we all will stay together and grow together and bigger!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ

Hope I have made you feel something special through my posts, through those unspoken emotions, through my words! Hope to carry this on and improve further! Thank you so muchπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š