Mother “A Blessing”

The sun gets tired and the moon gets cold,
But never does a mother retire or keep us on hold.
The flowers will wilt and the leaves will wither,
But the love of a mother will never winter.
The prowess of a warrior and the power of a lioness,
She is a protector and guards us from slyness.
How the morning dew feels on the grass bare,
So delicate is her nurture and so tender is her care.
Like a vast tree sacrificing all its fruits with embrace,
She is a tree of life and the heavens know her grace.
God has sent his blessings incarnated as you,
If angels are real then their true form is you.
For all your love and all your care,
And all those Nights when we had a nightmare.
For all your preachings and all your moral,
And all your blessings which made our lives floral.
For all those times you didn’t eat coz of our quarrels,
And all those sleepless nights coz next day was our orals.
You were always there and you will always be,
But now our lovely mother it’s time for you to see.
The dreams that are forgotten while bringing us up,
We will fulfill them coz we know you haven’t given them up.
You close your eyes and sit and relax wearing a smile,
Thy children will get you the world that you left for them in a while.
You are our strength, our world and our might,
We love you Mom and we will never leave your sight.

Our Moms are the blessings in our lives. A mother is an epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. She always keep us before anything else. Thereby through this poem, I offer my obeisances and gratitude to the angel of our lives, our mother. This is just an overture in her admiration.

Hope you loved it. Please do like and share. And do recite it to your precious mothers, I hope they will like it as well.