My glass paintings

Well here are few of the glass paintings that I made some time back. Probably a long time back ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™ˆ

It was unfortunate though ๐Ÿ˜ž, coz one of them got shattered into pieces. And another one got newspaper stuck to it ! ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Well anyway, I am sharing them here. I wonder if they are good enough ๐Ÿ™ˆ Please do share your feedback! ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

My eternal story

There was a time so beautiful erstwhile,
When a scintillating red blush would follow my smile.
With the colour of love my petals flushed,
Like a falcon I would get the heartbeats rushed.
Resting on a throne of sparkling shades of green,
I was a precious offering to the king and queen.
Little pointy mountains guarded my throne,
I melted the mightiest hearts, all on my own.
None could second my exquisite floral fragrance,
Smooth and tender, blended with velvety radiance.
But now that I wither as time spares none,
The demolition of my throne has also begun.
Neither the sparkling green, nor the lovely red,
But a dark black-brown rust has become my scarlet.
The mountains eroded, flat dry land remained,
My beauty, my radiance, my vibrance drained.
I almost lost myself in some abyss of dread,
But an angel clasped me like a vintage at its best.
With the warmth of her touch I once again rose,
Like a perfect dream I smiled for her, in my pose.
Even on the brink I stand as the death dawns upon,
She made me the rose of a story that shall eternally live on.

Where are you, Cupid

Where are you Mr Cupid,
Why don’t we find you anymore?
Help us, for we are stupid,
Or are your arrows left no more?

Has your bow got wrecked,
Or your wings lie dead?
For love hath utterly wretched,
And it now bleeds red.

No gizmos now blink,
No cosmos lug any sign.
Love now stands on a brink,
Wobbling about inebriated and malign.

Lamenting your absence, it weeps,
Loneliness now viciously creeps.
Why did you leave it high and dry?
Please come back else love will die.

And so Mr. Cupid returned to shower the love arrows,
and once again love spreaded through hearts and marrows.

Madhosh (Hindi)

Hosh me rah kar bhi madhosh sa hu,
Aj kal najane kyu mai khoya hua sa hu.
Kahi kam na pad jaye unke sath bitaaye pal,
Roz raat dua krta hu ke deedar hojaye unke kal.

Dekh ke, deedar karke,ankho me samake,sbse chhipa ke,
Rakhlu unke chahre ko apne eeshwar ki pratima bnake.
Kya hoga wo khuda bhi itna khubsurat, itna jwalant,
Bhej dia is dharti par tumhe, kahi ho na jaye unhe tumse jalan.

Socha hoga dharti par tum roop apna khojaogi,
Par jab sundarta ho sone se khari to aag bhi kya karpayegi.
Mann mohini, nayan hirani, chaal hansini, awaaz koyali,
Hai ek tej aur ek taazgi, jaisi khilti hui sundar si kali.

Dil se ho jo tum saaf itni, jaise saadgi ho tumhรฃra gahnรฃ,
Hotho pe jab aaye meethi muskaan to uda de sbke chaynรฃ..
Dekhu jab รฃnkho me teri, dikhta hai saara sansaar,
Doob jรฃta hun us jheel me lejaye jo bhagwan ke dwaar.

Khojata hu mai mohak si us muskaan me,
Lagne lagta hai maano paalia sab sansaar me.
Gore se is mukhde ke jab gaal gulabi hote hai,
Dhadkte dhadkte dil bhi khud band hone lagte hai.

Fairรฃti ho jab tum apne reshmi zulfo me ungliyan,
Uff marjawan krte krte bharte hun mai siskiyaan.
Haseen is mukhde se jaye na kabhi ye muskaan,
Dua h meri dil se ki bharti raho tum sada udaan. ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

My Aphrodite

In your face, I can feel the presence of God,
Lighting up the dark alleys with a heavenly smile so broad.
Even the black and white becomes colorful, with your touch.
To honour your spirit the alphabets aren’t much.
The zeal you possess and the grit that you attire,
Complemented by the unmatched beauty that everyone desire.
Under the hood of poise resides a tender heart,
Seeking the world to fathom its true serene part.
For the roses will wilt and the leaves will wither,
But thy beauty will be intact as the heavens never smither.


Feelings are so strong that they can make a simple person appear like a God. In all their actions and in all their appearances, one can only experience the presence of God. It makes us realise the sheer and unlimited devotion and love we have in this limited space occupied by our body. That is when we realise that we are beyond this physical form.

Mother “A Blessing”

The sun gets tired and the moon gets cold,
But never does a mother retire or keep us on hold.
The flowers will wilt and the leaves will wither,
But the love of a mother will never winter.
The prowess of a warrior and the power of a lioness,
She is a protector and guards us from slyness.
How the morning dew feels on the grass bare,
So delicate is her nurture and so tender is her care.
Like a vast tree sacrificing all its fruits with embrace,
She is a tree of life and the heavens know her grace.
God has sent his blessings incarnated as you,
If angels are real then their true form is you.
For all your love and all your care,
And all those Nights when we had a nightmare.
For all your preachings and all your moral,
And all your blessings which made our lives floral.
For all those times you didn’t eat coz of our quarrels,
And all those sleepless nights coz next day was our orals.
You were always there and you will always be,
But now our lovely mother it’s time for you to see.
The dreams that are forgotten while bringing us up,
We will fulfill them coz we know you haven’t given them up.
You close your eyes and sit and relax wearing a smile,
Thy children will get you the world that you left for them in a while.
You are our strength, our world and our might,
We love you Mom and we will never leave your sight.

Our Moms are the blessings in our lives. A mother is an epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. She always keep us before anything else. Thereby through this poem, I offer my obeisances and gratitude to the angel of our lives, our mother. This is just an overture in her admiration.

Hope you loved it. Please do like and share. And do recite it to your precious mothers, I hope they will like it as well.