Dil fir bhar aaya…

Na jaane kyu aj fir bhar aya hai ye dil..

Kya ye hai kisi puraani yaad ka saraab,
Ya toota hai koi naya sa khwaab.
Kya chhoote daaman ki hai ye chhaap,
Ya uthle Paani me doobne ka hai pashtataap.

Chhota sa dil, na jaane na pahchaane,
Moorakh sa sabko ye Apne hai maane.
Bhool Jata hai aksar ye un khanjaron ka Dard,
Tez garmi me bhi saha hai bhavnaon ka Sard.

Shayad sochta hai ke Kahi jayega koi ise mil,
Par Abhi bhi Na jaane kyu aj fir bhar aya hai ye Dil.

We were on a break

Well, for those who have watched FRIENDS, you will know what this is about.

But even if you haven’t watched, I hope you like these poems.

Who was right, who was wrong.. the debate will always go on… But I am presenting the emotions of Ross And Rachel after that incident.


Our love was vehemently cruising,
Piercing all hurricanes it sail.
Sinking like Titanic ironically musing,
Wasn’t it too big to fail.

Those hugs and kisses,
The coffee house now misses,
And our starry museum night.
What happened all of a sudden,
Did I push a wrong button,
Shoving me in a spot so tight.

You were mine I thought,
For me, with the world you fought.
It was supposed to stay.
“Ross and Rachel” were meant to be,
If only you had fully trusted me,
But “We were on a break” you say.

Such a big and dreadful loss.
Your words and actions no more rhymes,
Slaying me over and over a zillion times.
Shattered and wretched here as I stand,
I love you still but now ‘us’ must disband.


My childhood dream,
O the love of my life.
Always yearning for thy love esteem,
Destiny had me divorced my wife.

My love has always been you,
And it’s not a hyperbole but true.
For when you said yes I knew,
Our love shall never bid adieu.

May be it was my insecurity,
That made me doubt thy sanctity.
For you were busy and had no time,
I was still silly and you at your prime.

My love for you made me so blind,
How to trust men who are of all kind.
But I should have trusted you for you were mine,
But you asked me for a break, which wasn’t fine.

Shattered I left, I felt so low,
Your one statement was like a big blow.
Searching for solace in you, u left me bereft,
The price we had to pay was treacherously heft.

We were on a break, as u advocated,
Unfortunate it was, but love never abdicated.
I tried my best to hide it too,
Only if I had the power to undo.

When I said that she was different,
I didn’t mean to say.
My love for you is reverent,
Baby please don’t keep me at bay.

Look at me, look into my eye.
It was a mistake, please don’t cry.
I love you as much as you love me,
We were on a break, is my dire apology.

Hope you liked it, please share your views if possible πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š Thank you !

The girl with a book

As I was passing by your favourite cafe quietly,
A desire of seeing you slipped in silently.
A thought came that I should stop by,
With fingers crossed, praying to espy.

Tapping my foot in anxiety, I felt fettered,
Tried holdin’ on to my nerves as I entered.
The bell at the door tinkled giving me chills,
My eyes exploring for the heart, it fulfills.

All hairs stood on end as if a lightning struck,
For I saw you sitting with a novel and a mug.
Captivated, as you were right infront of my eyes,
Emanated out of my dream, but more beautiful to my surprise.

My steps trembling, it was hard to even trudge,
Paralyzed by your beauty, they refused to budge.
Mustered all my strength, advancing tile by tile,
Suddenly you looked up at me with your ravishing smile.

Everything came to a halt, not even the time was spared.
A beautiful bomb exploded and your splendour glared.
Hit by gusts of cool breeze in a hot summer,
Was it the flattering of your eye lashes, I wonder.

Your gaze swiftly shifted back to your novel,
While mine was fixated on you, numb and boggled.

My enchantress, spellbinding was your attire,
Found it hard to stand, engulfed in your fire.
Finest red coat over an elegant blue dress,
Adored you, as you multiplied their finesse.

One hand held the book, other fondled your chin,
The coffee mug got jealous as the novel passed a grin.
I got entangled in those lovely hairlock,
With the most perfect eloquence, they sensuously talk.

Is she for real or a figment of my imagination,
I pinched myself as my heart demanded a confirmation.
And still you were there, engrossed in your sweet world,
What all dreams have you woven and impearled.

Do unicorns gallop in your rainbow meadows,
Or do orchids sing and dance with shadows.
Are you all alone solving an exciting mystery,
Or with a protagonist of the novel from foreign embassy.

I wish I was the one with you in your dream,
If possible, be a part of your world and your team.
But I am just an admirer whose world is your smile,
Which your sweetest heart never fails to pass in style.

The cup was waiting again to be caressed by your lips,
To see your eyes reflection in the coffee as you take sips.
To feel those delicate fingers and your feather palm,
While I sat enthralled admiring your beauty and calm.

Fancying to see your smile again and that mysterious gleam of your eyes,
And wishing for the time to stop forever that very moment they materialize.

And I shall love you even after becoming a statue,
For you are the impeccable sculpture,the Gods chiseled through.
You are that painting I can not even dream to brush,
Yet here I am, a possessed fool, wishing to be your world, your mush.

Ye Reshmi DHAAGE (Collab)

Ye reshmi dhaage hain jhooth se bune huye,
Bandhe inse yun hi khiche chale jaate hain.

Dhaagon ki pakad jab ho itni mazboot,
Tab aksar ye saansein jakad lejaate hain.

Sachh kya hai aur kya hai jhooth,
In dhaagon ka na koi rang na koi roop.

Ye Ishq, ye Jahaan,
Ye raaste, ye maqaam.
Ye lamha, ye baatein,
Ye toote Dil ki saugatein.

Jhoothi buniyaad ki karte hain daastaan baya,
Reshmi dhaage bhi chubh lahu bahate hai yaha.

Hello people !! This piece has been written in Collab with Bhavna.. Hope you like this little collaboration of ours πŸ˜„πŸ€—πŸ€—


Dil Dosti Pyaar (Collab)

Hello guys.. Behold!!! As I Present before you a creation in collaboration with our one and only Nandita

A bit too dramatic right πŸ™ˆπŸ˜›πŸ˜‹ well, one can not expect anything less when Nandita decides to give ashirwad to a poem by adding her verses and taking the creation to the next level.. 😌😍

Well this poem is about Love and Friendship (Monika-Chandler wala relationship πŸ˜›πŸ™ˆ). The emotions that a guy and girl hold for each other, when they feel that they are not just friends, and the way they express them has been portrayed in this Hindi poem..

So here it goes:-

Dosti me khoyi ho tum aur khoya hu mai tujhme,
Paaya tujhme ek nayab dost, bas gaya jahan tujhme.
Jaane Anjaane jo dikhne Laga tujhme khuda mera,
Na jaane kaise mai sunne laga wo bhi jo tune na kaha.

Jo mai kabhi na kah payi wo tumne sun liya,
Khamoshi meri dastak, tumne apna maan liya.
Kab se anjaan rahe bhatakti rahi, aasra mil gaya,
Muskurake tumne mera naam ek baar jo dil se liya.

Zikar jab bhi hua karta tera mere doston me,
Ankhein jhuka ibaadat karleta muskurake Mai.
Tumne mere saath rahkar mujhe apna Bana Lia,
Jhilmil sitaron ke gagan me mujhe apna chaand Bana Lia.

Chandni bhi sharmake badalon ke peeche chup jaye,
Aisi ibadat teri ki suraj bhi sajde mein jhuk jaye.
ApnΓ£na toh tujhe tha hi, tera pyaar thukrau to kaise,
Dosti se shuru huΓ­ yeh kahani ek nayi safar ki ore jaise.

Manzil ho ab jo bhi saath chalna hai tere,
Tere har safar me hamsafar banu mai aur tu mere,
Chand aur baadal to lukka chhuppi khelte rahenge hi,
Pyaar badhe chaahe jitna, dosti apni nibhate chalenge hi.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this work of ours!πŸ˜‹ Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.. cheers!!πŸ˜‹

Saazish – Conspiracy (English and Hindi)


Dil ke zarre zarre me tere naam ki numaish lagi hai,

Gosha-e-Rooh me jaise teri guzarish basne lagi hai.

Na raha koi mutabaadil ab, na koi gunjaish hai ab baaki,

Tujhe anjumoΓ± se churaane ki saazish panapne lagi hai.


A gargantuan exposition

Of your name

Bejewel every inch

Of my Heart.

To an extent,

That my soul’s

Unfathomable corners

Herald your existence

And urge to be entwined.

With no Alternative left,

And no bargain

Or scope of an

adequate entente,

An immiment strategem

Is burgeoning inconspicuously

To blatantly steal you

From the mighty Stars! 🌟

This creation has been inspired from a beautiful post Meri Kami 😊😊 written by the very talented Sameera !! Please do give it a read πŸ€—