The Hollow

Rummaging in the darkness to seek some light,
Fighting against the hollow weighing down my might.
Screaming in misery and pain day out and day in,
Cursing the loneliness that hideously crept in.
Having no one near by to return to – agonizing the core,
The grief of loosing the time that shall never restore.
Clashes inside the head and the loud cries of heart,
No one can listen and save this soul from tearing apart.
No friends to talk to, no one to care,
Wearing a fake smile when people stare.
The shredding of tears and the outbursts have cease,
The hollow grows bigger and takes over with ease.
Emotions die out and the zeal disappear,
The days feel gloomy and at night I fear.
When the night prolongs and the darkness daunts,
Its not the bogeyman but the loneliness that haunts.
There is only rage inside ready to erupt like a volcano,
Madness taking over control and creating a tornado.
With no smiles to follow and dry tears for sorrow,
What is happening inside by virtue of this hollow.
I want to laugh out loud and take my life back,
Break down these walls and play a symphony of happy track.
Need some light to fill in this dark deep hollow,
Else the soul may drown as the dark shall swallow.

Parth Agarwal