Jab tere shaher me raha karte the,
Hum bhi chup chaap jiya karte the.
Aankho me pyas hua karti thi,
Dil me toofaan utha karte the.
Log aate the shayeri sunne hamse,
Hum to faqat teri baat kiya karte the.
Hum tera naam lene ke khatir,
Ghar ki deewar sajaya karte the.
Ankho me nami kam na hojaye,
Hum roz tujhe yaad kia krte the.
Dard ye dil ka jb saha na jaye,
Tere husn ka deedar kia krte the.
Aaj teri tasveer dekhi to yaad aaya,
Kabhi hum bhi mohabbat kiya karte the.

English version –

When I lived in the city of yours,
I used to be very shy and quiet.
But my eyes were full of thirst,
and my heart housed storms of desire.

People came to listen and enjoy my poems,
Where I used to talk only about you.
Just to take your name on my lips,
I used to decorate the stage of my recital.

So that my eyes don’t get dried,
I used to reminisce you daily.
And when the pain in my heart intensified,
I used to contemplate your beauty.
And today when I saw that painting of yours,
I remembered that I was also a lover once.

You Beauty!!

In your face, I can feel the presence of god.
Lighting up the dark alleys with a smile so broad.
Even the black and white becomes colorful, with your touch.
To honour your spirit even the alphabets aren’t much.
The zeal you possess and the grit that you attire,
Complemented by the unmatched beauty that everyone desire.
Under the hood of poise resides a tender heart,
Wandering the world in search of its true serene part.
For the roses will wilt and the leaves will wither,
But thy beauty will be intact as the heavens never smither. 😍

Khamoshiyaan – The Unspoken and the Unheard* (A Duet)

Thank you Nandita for this wonderful opportunity to write something along with you. It was an amazing experience and a great learning as well😊
Sometimes our ego doesn’t allow us to convey our feelings and we assume that the other person should be able to sense it. And that ego can make our world upside down. So let us try to be as clear as possible and share everything without any mental blocks and assumptions.
Hope through this we are able to convey something significant 😊😊


Woh meri bheji hui
cup ko hoton se lagana
Woh unka mujhe chhune ka
Ek aur bahana

Woh unki likhe hui
Khat ko hazar baar padhna
Padke muskurana,
Muskurate huye rona
Seene se lagake
Sirhane me rakhna
Ummid ke sapne mein tum aakar
Kisi din saamne ho jaana

Raet ki tarah fisal chuke hain ab
Do toote huye dil ka afsana
Kabhi unko mujhse pyaar tha beshumaar
Aisa bhi tha ek zamana

Wo apni ungliyon se unka
Apne ghane baalon Ko sawarna.
Wo baalon ki Kaali ghataon ka
Mujhpe yu hi baras Jana.
Wo unka yu muskurana
Aur phir sharma kar chhip jana.
Wo unka chhip kar awaz lagana
Aur apni Koyal Vaani se mujhe lubhana.
Wo lubhakar mere paas aana
Aur Paas Aakar Dil Ko Choo Jana.
Wo unki aankho ka jaal bichhana
Aur us jaal me is rooh ka fas Jana.
Wo un Komal hothon par gulaab sajana
Aur fir un hothon ki chhaap chod Jana.

Bada yaad aata hai unka yaarana


The way he’d bring the cup I sent to his lips
Just an excuse for him to touch me
I must have read his letter
A thousand times over
Smiling through tears
Clutching it to my breast
I remember how I would keep it under my pillow
A foolish hope perhaps
That I would meet him in my dreams
Bringing him somehow to me

Now I miss him even in my dreams
All those memories are slowly fading
Slipping through my fingers
As if they were a morsel of sand
All that remains is a thought
That yes, once upon a time
He was so in love with me

The way she’d run her delicate fingers
Through her dense beautiful hair
The way those flocks of dark cloud
Would shower their tenderness on me.
The way she’d smile with umpteen grace
then act coy and hide away
The way she’d take my name so tenderly
and seduce me with her melodious voice
The way she’d come closer and touch me
Making her way right into my heart.
The way she’d entice me with her gaze
And entrap my soul in her voracious eyes
The way she’d adorn her soft lips with rose
and imprint her fragrance unto me.

Everything about her and all those memories,
Leave me now bereft


Barsaat ki ye bheegi raat,
Aise me aap ka saath.πŸ‘«
Sirf pal do pal ki na ho ye baat,
Dua hai bani rahe apki ye muskarahaat.😊
Maddham si chalti ye sheetal pawan,
Kar deti hai apki baate humko magan.
Hiran se bhi khubsurat apke Ye nain,πŸ‘οΈπŸ‘οΈ
Uda kar hosh, chheen lete hain dil ka chain.
Ye kaatil adaa karti hai jo gadar,
Hamari is dosti ki karte hai hum kadar.
Apke gore gaalon par hai ye jo laali,
Apki is khubsurati ke liye bajate hai hum taali.πŸ‘
Aasmaan se girti hai Jo ye baarish,
Maano apke bheege baalon ki hai ye saazish.πŸ’•
Kudrat ne ki thi apse Milne ki guzaarish,
Karne mulakaat wo aai banke baarish! 🌧️

As promised, I am sharing a poem that I have written in Hindi. My first poem in Hindi. The beauty of the rain mesmerizes us and leaves us in a reverie where we start juxtaposing the beauty we see and the beauty we dream about. From there it leads us into so many emotions and experiences which can be only felt.πŸ’“

Hope this poem could bring forth those unspoken emotions in some way!🀞 Cheers and happy holidays 😊

Have Faith

Just look into my eyes and behold,
For there lies a world of magic untold.
Through my eyes I shall take you there,
To a different world of only love and care.
No skies, no moons, no stars, no galaxies,
Just you and me in a world of fantasies!

Have faith in me and I will take you to a world unseen!

Thank you for showing your tremendous support!! Getting 100+ frends is an achievement and an incredible milestone of this sweet journey. I hope we all will stay together and grow together and bigger!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ

Hope I have made you feel something special through my posts, through those unspoken emotions, through my words! Hope to carry this on and improve further! Thank you so muchπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š

But where is she?

Her infectious smile makes a myriad of flowers dance merrily round the clock,
Her cheerful laugh is like an addictive music of waves hitting the rock.
Her mirthful nature obliterates the darkness of a heart forlorn,
A glimpse of her harbingers an unrivalled freshness of dawn.
She is an epitome of fortitude that cannot be breached,
She is a castle of bravado that can never be seiged.
Veiling herself by an unperturbed and immaculate volition,
Har scintillating cavernous eyes are epithets of her ambition.
And Intrepid mind adorns her like an impeccable Tiara,
Spreading her gusto she enriches the surroundings with her aura.
A flabbergasting beauty cradling an ethereal heart,
She is my “Wonder woman” to which her pristine figure impart.
She is like a fresh and cozy wind that soothes the cheeks,
Blowing through her hairs, to get her aroma, the wind sneaks.
She is a priceless gem, the seven kingdoms are in search for,
And for me, she is all the good reasons worth dying for.
But where is she!?!?

Dreaming about someone special, especially when there isn’t one, is the past time job of every person out there.. Where is the prince charming? Where is my Snow white? The unanswered question that lingers around like an unsolved mystery. Our unanswered prayers may get answered but finding the right answer to this one question is tough!!

So, let us not feel bad.. Let us close our eyes and see!! I hope this poem gave us a glimpse if not the answer!!πŸ˜›

Mother “A Blessing”

The sun gets tired and the moon gets cold,
But never does a mother retire or keep us on hold.
The flowers will wilt and the leaves will wither,
But the love of a mother will never winter.
The prowess of a warrior and the power of a lioness,
She is a protector and guards us from slyness.
How the morning dew feels on the grass bare,
So delicate is her nurture and so tender is her care.
Like a vast tree sacrificing all its fruits with embrace,
She is a tree of life and the heavens know her grace.
God has sent his blessings incarnated as you,
If angels are real then their true form is you.
For all your love and all your care,
And all those Nights when we had a nightmare.
For all your preachings and all your moral,
And all your blessings which made our lives floral.
For all those times you didn’t eat coz of our quarrels,
And all those sleepless nights coz next day was our orals.
You were always there and you will always be,
But now our lovely mother it’s time for you to see.
The dreams that are forgotten while bringing us up,
We will fulfill them coz we know you haven’t given them up.
You close your eyes and sit and relax wearing a smile,
Thy children will get you the world that you left for them in a while.
You are our strength, our world and our might,
We love you Mom and we will never leave your sight.

Our Moms are the blessings in our lives. A mother is an epitome of sacrifice and selflessness. She always keep us before anything else. Thereby through this poem, I offer my obeisances and gratitude to the angel of our lives, our mother. This is just an overture in her admiration.

Hope you loved it. Please do like and share. And do recite it to your precious mothers, I hope they will like it as well.

My Moonlight Fantasy πŸŒ’

Walking under the moonlight I looked at the moon,
With a hope that I shall meet someone pretty, soon.
Hope to see a face that has a radiant glow,
And the eyes that can make the world go slow.
The delicate eyelids covering those precious gems,
Hiding inside them the depth from where the truth begins.
Dazzled and spellbound by the silvery shine,
For the teeth that sparkle with the smile so divine.
Make no haste although the winter may fall,
For her luxuriant hair are the source of warmth.
An aroma that can fill someone with joy and zeal,
Bestowing upon me her humbleness which none can steal.
The rosy lips or perhaps the lips of rose,
Garnishing over the yummy cake is a cherry nose.
The emptiness deep down is now ceasing to grow,
For the boulevard has finally begin to glow.
The face as white as snow with a tinge of crimson,
Wears the serenity of a sunset below horizon.
A smile so beautiful that no flower can match,
It comes with delicacy and makes my day in a snatch.
An enthralling gaze of those mesmerizing beautiful eyes,
And the miraculous blink makes my heart skip beat twice.
The golden voice always ring a welcome note,
The cuckoo bird envies of u for such a clean throat.
The moon is still there staring at the twinkling star,
But the moonlight found you adorned in the most beautiful avatar.
For no star can shine or twinkle as bright as you,
And no light can make the world sparkle the way you do.. 😊

Sometimes the beautiful nature nudges us in a world of fantasy. We then begin to dream of someone who not only matches the beauty of the nature but supercedes it. A spectacularly gorgeous person whose allure is gilded when juxtaposed to nature. I hope that the readers, through this poem, smile while reliving their fantasies.

The Hollow

Rummaging in the darkness to seek some light,
Fighting against the hollow weighing down my might.
Screaming in misery and pain day out and day in,
Cursing the loneliness that hideously crept in.
Having no one near by to return to – agonizing the core,
The grief of loosing the time that shall never restore.
Clashes inside the head and the loud cries of heart,
No one can listen and save this soul from tearing apart.
No friends to talk to, no one to care,
Wearing a fake smile when people stare.
The shredding of tears and the outbursts have cease,
The hollow grows bigger and takes over with ease.
Emotions die out and the zeal disappear,
The days feel gloomy and at night I fear.
When the night prolongs and the darkness daunts,
Its not the bogeyman but the loneliness that haunts.
There is only rage inside ready to erupt like a volcano,
Madness taking over control and creating a tornado.
With no smiles to follow and dry tears for sorrow,
What is happening inside by virtue of this hollow.
I want to laugh out loud and take my life back,
Break down these walls and play a symphony of happy track.
Need some light to fill in this dark deep hollow,
Else the soul may drown as the dark shall swallow.

Parth Agarwal